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Android Utility V105:10.05.2023 Last Update Tested Free


Android Utility V105:10.05.2023:

- added Xiaomi (.tgz/.gz) direct firmware update via Fatsboot mode (QCOM/MTK) - [BL unlock required], (to save time and space).
- fixed Xiaomi (.bat) firmware flashing via Fatsboot mode for newer devices.
- added Xiaomi Force flash for the unrecognized script format (corrupted [bat/sh]).
- added real time Fatsboot flashing LOG handler.
- internal ANDROID SDK Platform tools updated to (ADB/FB - v1.0.41 & SDK v34.0.1-9979309).
- fixed Huawei switch from (normal/FB) mode to upgrade mode function, firmware flash procedure updated as well.
- added A326U U8 force dead boot repair via USB (fully erased or wrongly flashed) [message me if you have any bricked A326U device).

 added (OPPO/Realme) Fix [Download not completed Error Code 0x992566] message, for the follwoing models :

- Oppo F1s (A1601EX)
- Oppo A71 (CPH1717)
- Oppo F5 (CPH1723)
- Oppo A83 (CPH1729)
- Oppo F7 (CPH1819)
- Oppo F9 Pro (CPH1823)
- Oppo F7 Youth (CPH1859)
- Oppo A5s (AX5s) (CPH1909)
- Oppo F11 (CPH1911)
- Oppo A1K (CPH1923)
- Oppo F15 (CPH2001)
- Oppo A31 (CPH2015)
- Oppo Reno3 Pro (CPH2037)
- Oppo A12 (CPH2083)
- Oppo A93 (CPH2121)
- Oppo A15s (CPH2179)
- Oppo A54 (CPH2239)
- Oppo A16 (CPH2269)
- Oppo R15 (PACT00)
- Oppo A9 (PCAM10)
- Oppo A8 (PDBM00)
- Realme 3 (RMX1821)
- Realme C2 (RMX1941)
- Realme C3 (RMX2020)
- Realme 6i (RMX2040)
- Realme C11 (RMX2185)
- Realme C12 (RMX2189)
- Realme 8 (RMX3085)
- Realme C21 (RMX3201)

 This software was made for educational purposes only,
 we allow the use of it under certain circumstances & it’s provided 'as-is', 
without any express or implied warranty.
In no event will the authors be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software, 
please only use for legal servicing and maintenance of mobile phones, 
and must not be used for illegal purposes.
 USE it at your own risk.

Android Utility V105:10.05.2023:
password: mfdl
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