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Miko Xiaomi Recovery 5.0 Sideload Tool V6.0 Free Activation



Unlock Tab:

The Miko Xiaomi Recovery 5.0 Sideload Tool V6.0 Unlock tab allows users to easily disable or enable their accounts. When managing many accounts or solving account-related issues, this tool is helpful.

FRP (Factory Reset Protection):

The Factory Reset Protection (FRP) feature ensures the security of Xiaomi devices. With the Miko Xiaomi Recovery 5.0 Sideload Tool V6.0, users can easily erase FRP, providing a seamless experience when resetting their devices.

User Lock (Loss Data):

For users looking to wipe their data completely, the Miko Xiaomi Recovery 5.0 Sideload Tool V6.0 offers the "Wipe Data" function. This feature ensures that personal information and settings are permanently removed, offering a fresh start without any residual data.

Encrypting File Systems (including network):

The Miko Xiaomi Recovery 5.0 Sideload Tool V6.0 provides the option to wipe Encrypting File Systems (EFS), including network-related data. This feature enhances security and privacy by eliminating sensitive information and protecting users from potential threats.


With the Backup/Flash feature, users can conveniently back up selected blocks or their entire network. This ensures that important data remains secure and retrievable. Additionally, the tool allows users to select the firmware and flash it onto their Xiaomi devices, enabling them to customize their devices easily.

Bootloader Unlock:

The Miko Xiaomi Recovery 5.0 Sideload Tool V6.0 supports bootloader unlocking for Redmi Note 8 (GINKGO) devices in Sideload mode. This feature empowers users to explore custom ROMs, kernels, and other modifications to personalize their Xiaomi devices.

Fastboot Mode:

In Fastboot mode, the Miko Xiaomi Recovery 5.0 Sideload Tool V6.0 offers several options, including bootloader unlocking, rebooting to Emergency Download Mode (EDL) for unlocked devices, erasing FRP, rebooting to power off, and rebooting to normal mode. These functions facilitate seamless transitions between different modes, simplifying the device management process.

Raw program and Scatter [Fastboot | Sideload]:

The Miko Xiaomi Recovery 5.0 Sideload Tool V6.0 supports selecting firmware, flashing, and backing up using raw program and scatter files. This versatile feature enables users to customize and optimize their Xiaomi devices according to their preferences.

Sideload Boot Process:

To enter the Sideload mode, follow these simple steps:

Power off the phone.
Press the [Volume Up] and [Power] buttons simultaneously.
Release the keys when you see the Recovery mode.
Navigate to the Mi Assistant mode, where the tool will auto-detect the connected device, whether it's Qualcomm or Mtk-based.

Miko Xiaomi Recovery 5.0 Sideload Tool V6.0:

NOTE: Open the tool and top side you have to find the button "Check Reg" Click then and registered the tool on your pc with lifetime validity free without any license or any key.

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