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New Update Android Utility V106:22.05.2023 Tested Free


Android Utility V106:22.05.2023

- added Samsung Galaxy (A03) [SM-A035M] (all bits) (Latin America variant) one click dead boot repair via USB.
- added Samsung Galaxy (A03 Core) [SM-A032M] (all bits) (Latin America variant) one click dead boot repair via USB.
- added Samsung Galaxy (A03/A03 Core) [SM-A035F/SM-A035G/SM-A032F] (all bits - up to U3)  (international) one click dead boot repair via USB (new method, BIT 3 included).
- Added Samsung (UniSoC) generic dead boot repair procedure via USB (BETA) for the following models,
(need to use (BL) from compatible firmware in oder to complete the repair process) :
- Samsung SM-T509 Galaxy Tab A7 10.4
- Samsung SM-X200 Galaxy Tab A8 2021
- Samsung SM-X205 Galaxy Tab A8 2021
- Samsung SM-X205C Galaxy Tab A8 2021
- Samsung SM-X205N Galaxy Tab A8 2021
 Some devices won't require eMMC re-partitioning, you can tick (Skip eMMC PMT rebuild) CheckBox to skip IC re-partitioning.

 Added (Huawei/Honor) HiSilicon temp BL unlock (Factory Fastboot) [BETA] for the following SoCs :
- KIRIN620
- KIRIN650
- KIRIN655
- KIRIN658
- KIRIN659
- KIRIN710
- KIRIN910
- KIRIN920
- KIRIN925
- KIRIN930
- KIRIN935
- KIRIN950
- KIRIN955
- KIRIN960
- KIRIN970
- KIRIN980
The rest of HiSilicon 5G SoCs such as (810, 985, 990) will be added into the premium tool later.

 Added (eMMC/UFS) dump extractor to raw images, dumps can be extracted with 7zip as well,
 but UFS ones won’t be extracted (EFI block size is 4096, different from the previously used one in eMMC (512) - not updated to 7zip yet),
 now you can easily extract (EASY JTAG, UFI) UFS dumps with our software.
 to inject some partitions from the dumps example partitions could be useful to extract from dumps [OEMINFO, oppo_cusrom, nvram, nvdata] for any purposes.

- Fixed (Huawei/Honor) Qualcomm UFS firmware extractor (UPDATE.APP) to (rawprogram[x].xml), 
 previously the software creates an XML containing the (APPs) partitions only and skips some partitions which couldn't be found inside the factory package,
 such as (bootfail_info, persist, oeminfo, modem NV partitions), this might cause (device verification failed issue), now the preducre is revised,
 and the software extracts all partitions and creates a semi-factory XML according to GPT partitions from APP file).
- (Huawei/Honor) board firmware flashing revised and fixed.
 Now the software can extract (UPDATE.APP) to (XML files for QUALCOMM CPU and scatter for MTK CPU).
- Fixed Samsung flashing issues (Download mode).

 This software was made for educational purposes only,
 we allow the use of it under certain circumstances & it’s provided 'as-is', 
 without any express or implied warranty.
 In no event will the authors be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software, 
 please only use for legal servicing and maintenance of mobile phones, 
 and must not be used for illegal purposes.
 USE it at your own risk.

Android Utility V106:22.05.2023:
Password: mfdl
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