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Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool, SDM660, SDM710, SDM845 No Auth Tested


The MiFlash SDM660 - SDM710 - SDM845 No Auth 9008 MI Flash tool is also versatile in that it supports all Xiaomi models with the SDM660, SDM710, and SDM845 processors. Whether you own a Xiaomi Mi A2, Redmi Note 7, Poco F1, or any other Xiaomi device with these processors, you can use the MiFlash tool to flash your device.

To use the MiFlash SDM660 - SDM710 - SDM845 No Auth 9008 MI Flash tool, you'll need to put your device into EDL mode. You can do this by turning off your device and Connect with EDL Point (For this you can search in internet and find out the EDL test point) if you have unlocked bootloader devices then hold down both volume buttons while connecting it to your PC. When your device has entered EDL mode, open the MiFlash tool, load the firmware file you want to Flash, and press the flash button.

Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool:
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