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Android Utility v113 New Update 30.07.2023 Tested Free


Android Utility - v113.00.1486:30:07:2023:

⦿ added Qualcomm identify and read extended device information via EDL mode - 9008 (Auto loader mode with huge internal database - manual loader selection option is available as well).
⦿ added Qualcomm (Read/Write/Reset) NV-EFS via EDL mode.
⦿ added Qualcomm (Reset/Restore) NV-EFS via fastboot mode (BL Unlocked - Engineering mode required).
⦿ added auto read PIT while gathering Samsung devices information via download mode to help recover devices with (security error screen) - Auto fix soft-brick.
⦿ added (already in META checkbox) in order to service the devices from META mode directly without (reboot & wait option).
⦿ added Honor x6 VNE-LX2 (repair security/backup/restore) NV via META mode (you can enter META mode via HW test-point).
⦿ updated Samsung enable ADB debugging via MTP up to June 2023 security patch level.
⦿ added (Huawei/Honor) board firmware flash via fastboot mode (BL Unlocked - Engineering mode required).
⦿ added light colored icon for the software.

⦿ This software was made for educational purposes only!
We allow the use of it under certain circumstances, and it's provided 'as-is', 
without any express or implied warranty,
in no event will the authors be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software.
⦿ Please only use it for legal servicing and maintenance of mobile phones, 
and must not be used for illegal purposes.
⦿ USE it at your own risk.

Android Utility v113:
Password: mfdl
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