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MTK Universal Xiaomi Tool Free



Bootloader Unlock:
Unlocking the bootloader is an essential step for advanced customization and optimization of your Xiaomi smartphone. The MTK Universal Xiaomi Tool simplifies the bootloader unlocking process, allowing you to explore the full potential of your device.

Bootloader Unlock Data:
This feature provides valuable information about the bootloader unlock status of your Xiaomi smartphone. It helps you keep track of the unlocking process and ensures that you have the necessary data for further operations.

Note 11R Camera Error Fix:
If you’re facing camera errors on your Xiaomi Note 11R, the MTK Universal Xiaomi Tool comes to your rescue. It provides a simple and effective solution to fix camera-related issues, ensuring you can capture those precious moments without any hindrance.

Erase Mi Account Bypass:
Bypassing a Mi Account can be a challenging task, but with this tool, it becomes a breeze. Whether you’ve forgotten your account credentials or want to switch to a different account, the MTK Universal Xiaomi Tool allows you to easily erase the Mi Account, providing you with a clean slate.

ADB – MIUI 13-14 Account Bypass:
This tool supports the latest MIUI versions, including MIUI 13 and 14, and provides an ADB-based account bypass method. This function will enable you to restore access to your Xiaomi smartphone quickly if you ever find yourself locked out due to a forgotten account.

Erase FRP Lock:
FRP locks can be a roadblock when you want to reset your device. The MTK Universal Xiaomi Tool simplifies the process by enabling you to erase FRP locks effortlessly, allowing you to regain control over your Xiaomi smartphone.

Safe Format:
Formatting your device is sometimes necessary to resolve software issues or prepare it for a fresh start. You can have ease of mind realizing that your data is securely erased while keeping the security of your device because of the safe format feature.

Dual IMEI Fix:
IMEI issues can cause connectivity problems and restrict certain functionalities on your Xiaomi smartphone. With the dual IMEI fix feature of this tool, you can easily resolve IMEI-related problems, ensuring seamless communication and optimal device performance.

NV Backup:
NV (Non-Volatile) data contains essential information about your device’s configuration and settings. The MTK Universal Xiaomi Tool allows you to create backups of this crucial data, providing an added layer of protection and allowing easy restoration if needed.

NV Restore:
In case you encounter any issues or need to switch devices, the NV restore feature comes in handy. It enables you to restore previously backed up NV data, ensuring a smooth transition and preserving your device settings.

NV Erase:
If you wish to start afresh or troubleshoot specific problems, the NV erase feature allows you to wipe the NV data on your Xiaomi smartphone. This helps in resolving persistent issues or preparing your device for a fresh configuration.

MTK Universal Xiaomi Tool:
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