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Odin Universal 4.4 New Update Free Trial Get Now


Bypass Hello 5s to X [12x - 16.x]: This feature allows you to bypass the iCloud lock on iPhone 5s to X devices running iOS 12x to 16. x.
Bypass BrokenBaseband No signal iOS [12x - 16. x.x]: With the help of this feature, you may unlock iPhones with broken baseband chips that have been locked by iCloud.
Passcode Full Signal iOS [12x - 16. x]: With this feature, you can unlock iPhones running iOS 12.x through 16.x without a passcode.
Open iOS Bypass Menu [12x - 16. x]: With the use of this feature, you may bypass many functions and locks on your iPhone device.
Purple Mode and Boot Purple Without DSCD [12x - 16. x.x]: This feature allows you to boot your iPhone device into Purple Mode without using a DSCD cable.
DFU Erase iOS [12x - 16.1.1]: The firmware on your iPhone device is deleted by this feature, which also resets it to factory conditions.
Automatic repair info.sisv [12x - 16.x]: This feature automatically repairs the info. sisv file on your iPhone device.
Pwndfu Integrated Windows Fixes: This feature includes a variety of fixes for Pwndfu issues on Windows devices.
SSH 0 Failures: This feature prevents SSH 0 failures on iPhone devices.
Nice Design: Odin Universal has a user-friendly and intuitive interface.
Block OTA And Erase Data: This feature blocks OTA updates and erases data on iPhone devices.
Support Boot - Checkm8 - iPwnder Lite - Eclipsa - Gaster: Odin Universal supports a variety of bootloaders and jailbreak tools.
Auto Remove Silent ( FMI OFF Any Device): This feature automatically removes the silent mode from iPhone devices.
iPad SN Generator (Wifi - BT - SN): This feature generates a new serial number for iPad devices.
Check FMI STATUS: This feature checks the FMI status of iPhone devices.
Check Carrier: This feature checks the carrier of iPhone devices.
Check Clean / Lost: This feature checks whether an iPhone device is clean or lost.
MDM Not Jailbreak: This feature allows you to remove MDM from iPhone devices without jailbreaking them.

Odin Universal 4.4 new Update:
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